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Ezezû – Electric Bass Guitar, Implements & Voices (3rd Person Omniscient) – Staple member Ezezû joined ABSU in 2008, just after the recording of Absu, and is currently the multi-instrumentalist in Panzram. 

Vaggreaz – Electric Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitar (2nd Person Inquisitor) – Guitar extraordinaire Vaggreaz joined the new incarnation of PROSCRIPTOR MCGOVERN’S APSÛ in 2020 and has proven his utmost, idyllic capacity within “mythological occult metal.” 


Proscriptor McGovern – Drums/Percussion, Lyricism, Maestro Echoplex, Papago Flute, (Analogue & Digital) Synthesizers & Voices (1st Person Protagonist) Although Proscriptor did not originally form the band, he joined forces with Shaftiel and Equitant in 1992 to create the original nexus of ABSU shortly before recording their debut album, Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L, and previous to ABSU, he performed in Magus with Daviel Athron  Mysticia (Dave Ward) who also joined ABSU shortly after Proscriptor did.  He and Equitant shared lyrical duties until Equitant's departure and then became the sole lyricist.  


In addition to his work in ABSU, Proscriptor has contributed his drumming/vocal/post-production talents for other acts, such as Azazel's Torch, Blood Storm, Canyon Of The Skull, Crimson Moon, Desaster, Divine Eve, Equimanthorn, Equitant, Fetid Zombie, The Firstborn,  Goreaphobia,  Gravelust, Grynd, Heaven’s Devils, HOD, Judas Iscariot, Kaliya, Ketzer, Magnus Thorsen, Magus, Melechesh, Mongrel's  Cross,  Mystifier,  Ossomancer,  Ossuarist,  Panzram, Pious Levus, Protest, Psychiatric Regurgitation, Rape Pillage & Burn, Roller, Starchaser Network,  Stormwrath,  Thornspawn, The Turning, Usurper, The Yardsticks Of Convention, Zemial and even his own solo works under the same pseudonym.  He also operated his own record label, Tarot Productions, from 2004 – 2010 and is currently endorsed by Trick DrumsAhead Sticks and TRX Cymbals.

Vorksaath - (Analogue & Digital) Synthesizers, Classical/Acoustic Guitar, Mellotron & Signal Generator.  Vorskaath is also the mastermind behind Zemial as well as other bands including Agatus and Alpha Centauri.

Past Members


Shaftiel (Mike Kelly) – Guitars & Voice (1989 - 2003) – As one of the co-founders of the band with Equitant and starting as Dolmen in 1989, the ABSU moniker was officially born in 1991. Shaftiel was the main music composer for all of ABSU’s material from the early days up until the release of Tara in 2001. He decided to leave the band in 2003 and no longer wished to contribute to ABSU; however, he is credited for composing two songs in 2002 to be featured on the self-titled album Absu. Shaftiel previously performed in Angel Ripper, Eternus, Necrotic, Equimanthorn, Equitant and 10 Kingdoms. Currently, he works outside of the music industry on other endeavors.

Equitant (Ray Heflin) – Guitars, Bass & Lyrical Obscurity (1989 - 2002) – The other co-founder of the band with Shaftiel, Equitant created most of the band's artwork (including all logo incarnations) and along with Proscriptor, they were the lyrical insight of ABSU. Equitant was notorious for alternating between guitar and bass duties depending on the line-up for live performances and recordings. In 2002, he left the band to springboard his own musical project full time (that have its origins as far back as 1993) and continues to create electronic music to this day, releasing several albums, EPs, remixes and collaborations. He continues to work on various musical projects (Equimanthorn and Starchaser Network – both with Proscriptor) as well as ABSU re-releases. Equitant’s previous bands also include Karnage, Karrion, Eternus, Necrotic, Furnace, Etc. and even contributed a composition to the self-titled album, Absu, making him a “silent member” to this day.


Aethyris McKay (Shandy McKay) – Guitars, Bass & Synthesizers (2007 - 2010) – Aethyris assisted Proscriptor in resurrecting ABSU in 2007, performed on the self-titled album Absu and two tracks featured on the split 7” EP with Rumplestiltskin Grinder. In 2010, he decided to leave ABSU, relocated to Norway and currently performs with Pantheon I and Grotesque Hysterectomy.

Zawicizuz (Geoffrey Sawicky) – Guitars, Bass, Synthesizers/Programming & Backing Voice (2007 - 2009) – Zawicizuz previously performed with Rape Pillage And Burn, Bleed The Son and Infernal Oak prior to replacing Vastator Terrarum in 2007. He performed and composed two of the songs for the self-titled album Absu, but left in 2009.  He currently performs in The Black Moriah.


Vastator Terrarum (Micah Rowe) – Guitars & Backing Voice (2007) – Vastator also helped Proscriptor resurrect the band in 2007 and performed guitars on the split 7” EP with Rumplestiltskin Grinder. He left the band shortly afterwards, although, he did write some of the material for the self-titled album Absu.

Daviel Athron Mysticia (Dave Ward) – Guitars & Voice (1992 - 1993) – Daviel has previously played with Proscriptor in a band called Magus and joined ABSU shortly after the drummer/vocalist did in 1992. He performed guitars on the Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L album and then exited the band. Previous bands he was involved with were Decomposed, Baal Occultus and currently handles guitar and vocal duties in Maiestas.   

Black Massith (Brian Artwick) – Synthesizers & Sequencing (1992–1993) – Black Massith joined ABSU in 1992 and performed keyboards/sequencing for the band on the Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L. album. He has performed with Equimanthorn, Equitant, Furnace, Nurse, Hexenhaus, The Wrathful And The Sullen, Akrabu and Conniption Fit. He also operated Ishnigarrab Recordings, which issued a few ABSU and Equimanthorn cassette releases in the early 1990s.

Gary Lindholm – Guitars (1990 - 1992) – Gary joined ABSU in 1990 and performed guitars on the demos as well as The Temples Of Offal 7” EP. He previously performed with Karnage and Karrion as well.

Daniel Benbow – Drums (1990 - 1992) – Daniel also joined ABSU in 1990 and performed drums on the demos as well as The Temples Of Offal 7” EP. He previously performed with Eternus and Necrotic.


Past Live Personnel

Mezzadurus (Chris Gamble) – Bass & Voice (1995 - 2002) – Mezzadurus was recruited to perform bass and share vocal duties with Proscriptor for live performances during ABSU's touring cycle from 1995 to 1997 as well as making a special appearance at ABSU's lone 2002 performance with Manowar and Immortal. Mezzadurus also co-founded/ performed with Goreaphobia from 1988 to 2012 and is currently active in two bands: Blood Storm and Den Of Sin.

Kashshapxu (Rad Davis) – Guitars (2001 - 2002) – Kashshapxu was recruited by ABSU in 2001, performed with them twice at their sole 2001 and 2002 live performances and recorded guitars on Proscriptor's solo 7" release: Thoth Music(k). ABSU dismissed him later in 2002 over musical differences.

Drekavac (Grzesiek Czapla) – Secondary Drums (2013 - 2018) – Drekavac joined ABSU as a secondary drummer, so Proscriptor could handle sole, lead vocals for the latter half of performances beginning in 2013. Drekavac, also known as Gunslut or simply Grzesiek, also performs in Infernal Stronghold, Woe, Casket, Infiltrator and Timelost.


Present/Past Studio Guests

Ashmedi (Melechesh)

Alex Colin-Tocquaine (Agressor)
Bard Algol Eriboas (Cernunnos’ Woods)
Rune Eriksen (Mayhem/Aura Noir/Vltimas)
Eskarth The Dark (Zemial/Agatus)
Ross “The Boss” Friedman (Manowar) 
David Harbour (King Diamond/Chastain)
Michael Harris 
Masthema Mazziqim (Azazel's Torch) 
Rabicante McDonald 
Mindwalker (The Firstborn)
Lynette Mitchell 
Nornagest (Enthroned)

Sir Vincent Rossi 
Sataniac (Desaster)
Sir Don Shannon 
Sir Ronnie Trent
Vorksaath (Zemial/Agatus) 

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